Liveworks 2021


We're looking forward to seeing you at Liveworks 2021 - 20-24 October 2021

How to Watch

  1. Check out the program below and see what you want to go to! There are a range of FREE and paid works to see. If you're interested in a free session of LIVE FUTURES or (XXX) - SJ Norman and Joseph M. Pierce, Head to the show page and register your interest. If you're interested in a paid session, head to the show page and purchase a ticket.
  2. The day before the event you will receive and email that will have a link to the session you have signed up for! If the session is a paid ticket you will also receive a unique password.
  3. You can navigate to your session either through the link in the email above or come here to LIVE ON-THE-LINE and your session will either be displaying as currently playing, or up next. Click the See More button and this will take you to the stream.
  4. We are streaming most of our Liveworks digital work through Vimeo, with a select few on Zoom or the artists own websites. These will be embedded in our website for easy access, but you can click the button with four arrows pointing outward, located in the bottom right hand corner of the video window, to make your experience full screen.
Check out our FAQs

Liveworks Online Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What service are you streaming LIVE ON-THE-LINE sessions through?

We are streaming through Vimeo, wth the stream embedded on our website for easy navigation. We wanted to make sure that our streams were as easily accessible a possible, and didn't compromise on quality. Some streams, such as (XXX), can be viewed in other places, such as Instagram and Facebook, but we recommend the stream found on our website for an uninterrupted viewing.

What device should I watch my session on?

For the best experience we recommend you watch the LIVE ON-THE-LINE streams on a laptop or desktop computer. This allows you to switch to full screen mode, and access the chat to engage with fellow viewers. It can however be viewed on a number of devices including phones, tablets and digital TV’s, if you have it connected.

The stream is jumping around and keeps stalling?

Do you have access to good, steady internet? A good internet connection is important to make sure you can see the stream in its full quality. Hit refresh on your window, sometimes we all just need a reboot.

I can’t see the stream on the page

Close your window down, reopen a new window and navigate back to the page. (Sometimes the internet just needs a nap). We find that the stream works best on certain browsers, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you’re using another browser, give one of these ago. Do you have access to good internet? If your internet connection is slow this can affect the stream quality. Did you log in early? Sometimes if you log in early, you may need to refresh the page so the stream can begin.

I’ve found myself at a stream that needs a password. Where do I get this?

For shows that need a password, it means that you need to purchase a ticket. If you haven’t got a ticket click the PURCHASE TICKETS button under the stream. If you have purchased a ticket and don’t have your password, you need to find the email you would have received this week from Ticketbooth. This will have the link and password to access your session.

I can’t find the link to my session?

If you registered or purchased a ticket to an online event you would have received an email with your link for free events and a link and a password if it was a paid session. The email would have come from Ticketbooth, our ticketing provider, from the same place your booking confirmation arrived. Make sure you check your junk, as sometimes they end up there. If your session is free, come back to this page 10mins before the session and you’ll see it at the top of the page as coming up next! Click on this box and it will take you to the stream. If your sesion is paid, you will need to find this email for your unique password. If you can’t find the email. Please contact Box Office:

When I go to the page the stream is black and I can't click anything?

We are streaming everything through Vimeo, and due to a number of updates to Vimeo's platform in the recent months, to make sure you get the highest quality stream, Vimeos's platform needs the most recent version of your preferred browser. If you are getting a black box, this means you have an old version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Explorer. Download the latest version of your browser and you're good to go!

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