Tina Havelock Stevens

DSC4653 S
Lloyd, Butterworth, Havelock Stevens & Ida Morris, 'Double Double'. Image: Peter Rosetzky.


Tina Havelock Stevens is a multidisciplinary artist predominantly working across video, sound, and performance. From sturdy beginnings in the legendary post punk band Plug Uglies to spontaneous durational drumming in live and filmed explorations of place, Tina and her drum kit merge as one body becoming a conduit for urban, natural and emotional environments and their frequencies and histories. She is the winner of the prestigious 65th  Blake Prize (2018), and the 55th Fisher Ghost Prize (2017). She featured in The National 2019 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, performed underwater for Submerge, MONA FOMA (2013) and exhibited and live scored the large-scale THUNDERHEAD at Dark Mofo and Performance Space (2016) amongst many other installations and performances nationally and internationally.