Posted on: April 23rd, 2014

We’re pleased to announce the following artists have been selected for our upcoming performance laboratory, Time_Place_Space: Nomad:

TPS artist announce2

These 20 artists from around Australia and Canada will  ‘go bush’  26 September -12 October. Check back here and across PSpace’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates as these artists hit the road.


Time_Place_Space: Nomad is a national initiative that aims to challenge, invigorate and strengthen interdisciplinary and experimental arts practice in Australia, with an emphasis on collaborative performance-making, site-specificity and artistic resilience. National and international practitioners will facilitate this travelling laboratory.

Time_Place_Space: Nomad follows-on from the original iterations of the Time_Place_Space program (TPS 1-6) that were managed by Performance Space from 2002-2009, and curated collaboratively by Fiona Winning (Performance Space), Sarah Miller (PICA), Julieanne Pierce (Experimental Art Foundation) and Teresa Crea. The program sought to seed new collaborations and productions with the capacity to tour nationally and internationally; build new networks for artists, curators and presenters; broaden and diversify audiences; and establish an international reputation for artists working in this field.

The original laboratory programs were set in institutional, university and technically well-resourced urban contexts. However, this new version of TPS goes on the road from city to countryside and asks artists to consider issues of economic downturn, scarcity and transience, of place and nationhood, the bare necessities of life and art-making in an unfixed and ever-changing environment.

 Time_Place_Space: Nomad is an initiative of the Australia Council, the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body. Produced by Performance Space and Artshouse, City of Melbourne. T_P_S: Nomad is co-curated by Bec Dean (Curator at Large, Performance Space), Angharad Wynne-Jones (Creative Producer, Artshouse, City of Melbourne), with the T_P_S Consortium and Selection Panel including Liz Burcham (Director, Metro-Arts, Brisbane), Emma Webb (Director, Vital Statistix) and Amy Barratt-Lennard (Director, PICA).