Posted on: September 6th, 2018


We caught up with Brisbane-based artist Hannah Brontë ahead of her Sydney FEMPRE$$ debut for Liveworks 2018 and got some insight into the importance of safe femme spaces and what to expect at this edition.


Who is Hannah Brontë?

She’s busy. No truly… I’m an artist who works across whatever medium the next project needs. Heavily inspired by futuristic imaginings woven with traditional knowledge.


How was Fempre$$ born?  

I got bored of all white male line ups. In hip hop to be frank. I wanted to dance and feel safe, I wanted my friends to feel safe, I wanted to hear femme rappers being DJ’d, I wanted women and gender neutral friends in whatever shape or form they come to be visible and held safely in the belly of the dance floor. Fempre$$ is her own entity now so I feel like she caters to all of that.




In your past work you’ve imagined a matriarchal Australian parliament led by an Indigenous female prime minister, and a tropical neon-lit lair home to the carnivorous Venus Fly Trap. What can we expect from this edition of Fempre$$?

This is a very different edition as the time in the world calls for it. I’m looking at women and ritual specifically the darker side of mourning, trance, pleasure and secret knowledge . The female black//brown//Nb body carries a lot of weight so this night is looking at Fempre$$ being embodied by all of its performers and lifting this weight in the universe. This edition will be a living breathing extension of the ideals of Fempre$$ personified throughout the sculptural landscape.


What is it about presenting your work in a club/party space that appeals to you?

The club space is already magic. It’s a place where people can be reckless and free. This is a perfect energy to present work as people are more open to being involved and letting the cerebral go for a minute to just sink or sweat into their bodies. I don’t need to validate my work galleries and institutions – it’s the people who go to the club and are in daily life and need the escape from the mundane so deeply that I want to include.


What message are you hoping to send to the First Nations femme population existing in contemporary Australia?

You’re fucking brilliant and you can eat the world.

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