Performance Space’s residency program is central to our commitment to supporting the development of artists’ practices, and in particular collaborations between artists and creative teams. We offer a range of development and artform advancement opportunities to artists, often in partnership with other organisations.

Our residency program is focused on independent artists and small companies, who do not have regular access to the kinds of infrastructure and resources that larger companies and organisations enjoy.  Performance Space provides crucial support to these artists, to develop new work at pivotal stages of their careers.

For our residencies we provide several weeks of rehearsal or studio space, ongoing artistic feedback and advice by specialist Performance Space staff, as well as in-house resources in terms of personnel, technical equipment and production support. We are currently unable to provide fees for artist residencies unless we gain extra funding through project or philanthropic grants. Many artists secure their own funding for fees for the duration of their residency.

The purpose of these residencies is to offer artists a framework to create meaningful, well-researched, mentored, critically engaged and transformative works that speak to a broader audience; works that delve into unchartered areas and push the limits of their artform, that raise questions and engage with the pressing issues of our time, that specifically express a point of view and demonstrate a cultural voice. In particular our residencies support emerging and mid-career artists exploring themes that are contemporary in context, trans-generational, and transcultural.

Many artists use their residency as an opportunity to ‘show’ research outcomes to a test audience. This can be to test out different ways that their work might engage with its audience, or receive critical feedback from peers, Performance Space staff, and external curators and producers. We follow the work of our artists-in-residence closely, and many works developed through our residency program go on to be presented in our public seasons.

We periodically announce a call seeking expressions of interest for our residencies.  As there is a very high demand for our residencies and we are unable to support all proposals.


2017 Residencies – 

Queer Development Program 2017

Performance Space’s QUEER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is a suite of initiatives that aim to expand and energise performance practice in Sydney. The program brings together emerging and established artists to develop new skills, new works and make new connections that further the expression of queer identities through performance.


Stephen Cummins Residency

The Stephen Cummins Residency provides the opportunity for artists working in the realm of queer performance to make significant strides towards staging a new work. It is a two-week mentored program that is technically supported and provides a fee for the successful applicant. It will take place at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists 7 – 18 March, 2017.

Applications due: Midnight, Monday 6 February, 2017


Stephen Cummins Workshop Intensive

The Stephen Cummins Workshop Intensive is a skills development project designed to foster and strengthen the culture of queer creativity and performance in Sydney. The Workshop Intensive consists of six workshops over five-days led by experienced facilitators who will introduce participants to various methodologies for creating performative works that explore queer identities. It will take place at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists 21 – 25 March, 2017.

Applications due: Midnight, Monday 6 February, 2017



Experimental Choreographic Residency 2017

Performance Space and Critical Path are seeking proposals from artists or artist collaborations, for a 3-week residency taking place from 15 May – 3 June 2017.



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