Keen for some critical discussion? Delve into reviews on works from Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art 2017!



Can art make oxytocin?: Jen Jamieson’s Let’s Make Love, reviewed by Teik-Kim Pok from RealTime

LabAnino’s simultaneous Filipino realities: LabAnino’s This Here. Land, reviewed by Teik-Kim Pok from RealTime

Mark Harvey: Risky Chat: Mark Harvey’s Helping Hand, reviewed by Teik-Kim Pok from RealTime

Tetsuya Umeda, Eisa Jocson: Process and Experiment: Tetsuya Umeda’s Ringo and Eisa Jocson’s Corponomy, reviewed by Keith Gallasch from RealTime

AEON, a desiring flock: Lz Dunn’s Aeon, reviewed by Cleo Mees

Liveworks Ghosts of Performance Past: Agatha Gothe-Snape’s Rhetorical Chorus and Christian Thompson’s Tree of Knowledge, reviewed by Keith Gallasch


TimeOut Sydney

This art transcends time and space to hit you in the feels: The Second Woman reviewed by Nerida Ross

We watched this dancer simulate sex with a vacuum cleaner – and loved it: Geumhyung Jeong’s 7 Ways, reviewed by Nerida Ross


The Monthly

The intriguing Tetsuya Umeda: Tetsuya Umeda’s Ringo, reviewed by Anwen Crawford from The Monthly

The Second Woman: a triumph of endurance theatre: The Second Woman, reviewed by Fiona McGregor from The Monthly

The strange magic of Rhetorical Chorus: Agatha Gothe-Snape’s Rhetorical Chorus, reviewed by Fiona McGregor from The Monthly


4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Dig down desire: Geumhyung Jeong’s Oil Pressure Vibrator, reviewed by Lauren Carroll Harris