Farewell Skye and Jack!

Posted on: February 15th, 2017

It is with teary eyes and sad hearts that we farewell two of the wonderful Performance Space team.

Skye Kunstelj, our former Program Producer has gone on to larger things at Sydney Theatre Company taking up the role of Associate Producer. Skye joined Performance Space in 2015, bringing an enthusiasm for experimental theatre and 12:30pm lunches that will be sorely missed. Her legacy will be the wonderful works she has produced with us for Sue Healey, Stiff Gins, Mish Grigor, River Lin and Leisel Zink (to name a few) and taking the reigns of our residential residency programs Nula Nura and Liveworks Lab.

Production Manager Jack Horton is also leaving us for the breezy climes of San Francisco. Jack joined Performance Space in 2016 to lead us through the tumult of Liveworks, building bathhouses, suspending conveyor belts and meeting the diverse challenges of experimental art with unflappable resolve. He’ll be missed for his way with projectors and 3D drawings so outrageously good we nearly exhibited them.


A toast to you both!

Cue soundtrack…