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1 AUG - 7 SEPT
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Performance Space: Score is a festival of exemplary performances and installations that places emphasis on the body in motion: where dance, movement and music come together. Featuring some of Australia’s leading choreographers, composers, and performers, Performance Space: Score is the ideal  destination for lovers of dance and sound-based works.

The festival boasts the return of Chunky Move to Sydney, plus Narelle Benjamin, Jon Rose with Ensemble Offspring, Kris Verdonck (Belgium), Pia van Gelder and more. Performance Space: Score will see dancers perform beside bodybuilders, symphonies emerge from metal saws, and multi-sensory experiences emanate from transcendental synths.

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    Ghan Tracks

    Jon Rose with Ensemble Offspring and Speak Percussion

    Composed by new music pioneer Jon Rose, Ghan Tracks sits somewhere between a multi-media performance, an installation, live radio, and an alternative documentary. Inspired by the iconic railway of the same name, it is above all a meditation on the notion of progress that underscores the Australian story with all its assumptions, optimism, misunderstandings, and failures.

    THU 7 AUG – SAT 9 AUG

    Keep Everything

    Chunky Move

    From the critically acclaimed, genre-defying Chunky Move comes Keep Everything, a fusion of dance, performance, light, sound and image by one of Australia’s most innovative young choreographers, Antony Hamilton.

    WED 13 AUG – SAT 16 AUG

    Psychic Synth

    Pia van Gelder

    Psychic Synth is a multi-sensory interactive installation that examines connections between nature, mysticism and technology, marking the return of acclaimed Australian artist Pia van Gelder (Tele Visions, 2013) to Performance Space.

    THU 7 AUG – SUN 7 SEP
  • /HIDING/

    Hiding in Plain Sight

    Narelle Benjamin

    Hiding in Plain Sight is a new full-length work by acclaimed NSW choreographer Narelle Benjamin (In Glass, Sydney Festival). It comprises two solos performed in the same space with separate but overlapping timelines; each performer (extraordinary dancers Kristina Chan and Sara Black) subliminally present in the other’s solo and overlapping at a meeting point centre stage.

    FRI 22 AUG – SAT 30 AUG
  • Culminate

    Force Majeure, Performance Space and Carriageworks

    Culminate is the final stage of a 2-year dance theatre laboratory developing a new generation of culturally diverse dance theatre makers and performers in Australia. Following on from 2013’s Cultivate, it opens up the laboratory to the wider dance sector through daily open classes, a one-off public performance, a season of showings and a public forum.

    WED 13 AUG – SAT 16 AUG
  • Maximum

    Natalie Abbott

    A show with muscle – literally – Maximum will test the boundaries between dance and sport. A rigorous work investigating the similarities and disparities between a dancer and bodybuilder, audiences will witness the human body being taken to its physical limits.

    WED 27 AUG – SAT 30 AUG
  • One thing follows another…

    Gail Priest and Jane McKernan

    One thing follows another… is a performative negotiation between the art forms of dance and music. Jane and Lizzie do not always dance to Gail’s music and Gail does not always make music to dance to.  This balancing act of independence and collaboration is played out with more than a nod to the Fluxus movement and 1960s avant-garde.


    WED 20 AUG – SAT 23 AUG
  • Gossip + keynote lecture

    Kris Verdonck (Belgium)

    Gossip is a video work that takes up an entire wall, a peeking painting that is amused by the spectator and looks down on him/her. Gossip will be accompanied by a public lecture by Verdonck, one of the word leaders in digital performance making.

    FRI 1 AUG - SUN 10 AUG
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