Our Supporters

Partners and Donors
We would also like to give special thanks to our donors and partners whose support is crucial to Performance Space’s continued success:

Major Gifts and Bequests
Stephen Cummins Bequest

Trusts & Foundations
The Wales Family Foundation; The Besen Foundation

Venue Partners

Design Partner
Leuver Design

Strategic Presenting Partners

Bundanon Trust
Campbelltown Arts Centre

Chunky Move

Critical Path

ArtsHouse Melbourne


Ensemble Offspring

Force Majeure

Metro arts


Performing Lines

PACT Centre for Emerging Artists


University of New South Wales


Individual Supporters

Kate Barnet and Scott Nicholson, Tony Bonney, Meredith Brooks, Elliot Bryce Faulkes, Jonathans Casson, Terese Casu, Leon Cmielewski, Greg Clarke, Jo Chichester, Janine Collins, Rosalie Dennis, Libby Ellis, Steve Freeland, Su Goldfish, Terry Harding , Mark, Henry, Mark Hughes and Mike Hsu, Anna Kosky, Donna Lawler, Vanessa Lloyd, Andrew Lorien and Cathy Kirkpatrick, Jonathan Maling, Elizabeth Ann MacGregor, Pamella MacLeod, Sarah Miller, Michael Parry, Keren Ruki, Clare Pertre, Thomas Thoma, Kim Spinks, Paul Stuart.

and the many supporters who prefer remaining anonymous.