Our Supporters

As a non-profit organisation, we depend on our supporters to invest in the development of brave new ideas, brilliant new artists and captivating experiences.
Thank you to all of the incredible supporters dedicated to diversity, risk-taking and cutting edge contemporary practice.



































Jonathan Casson
Meredith Brooks
Wales Family Foundation
Bryant George
Janine Collins
Mark Baxter and Geoffrey Cassidy
Michael Parry
Donna Lawler
Steven Freeland
Thomas Thoma
Vince and Tomeka Pierce


Melita Daru
Lara Thoms
Sandra Ferman
Brad Spolding
Rose Hiscock
Tony Bonney
Clare Petre
Belinda Piggott
Sarah Miller
Skye Kunstelj
Terry Harding
Nadinze Ezard
Freya Waterson


Clare Grant
Su Goldfish
Rosie Dennis
Deborah Kelly
Samantha Hole
Andrew Lorien and Cathy Kirkpatrick
Marlaina Read
Jan and Gary Lloyd
Jason Maling
Peter Studwicke
Claire Edwardes
Caron Bowen
Vanessa Wright
Yana Taylor
Gabrielle Vincent
Jen Jamieson
Vanessa Lloyd

And more who choose to remain anonymous