Day for Night: 24 HRS – Full Artist Line-up Announced

8 February 2016


Performance Space and Carriageworks are thrilled to announce the full line-up of artists joining American musician Holcombe Waller and iconic Australian queer artists Emma Price and Stereogamous at the 4th annual Day for Night event. Joining these artists are Cigdem Aydemir (Sydney); Yason Banal (Philippines); Benjamin Hancock & James Andrews (Melbourne); Madison Moore (UK); and Jess Olivieri (Sydney) & Anni Puolakka (Finland). More information on their work is included below.

Day for Night: 24HRS will run for 24 hours, over two days on the weekend of Saturday 20 – Sunday 21 February; midday to midnight each day (12pm-12am). There will be moments of dancing, moments of performance, pauses for reflection, bursts of brilliant new ideas, times for togetherness and space for individual connections through performances, lectures, installations, music and parties.

For just $50 per ticket you can gain unlimited access to the whole Day for Night: 24HRS weekend, and experience the most ambitious, jam-packed Day for Night program we’ve ever presented.


What’s new in 2016:

  • 2016 is the first year to feature leading queer Australian and international artists, with Holcombe Waller [USA] and award-winning American musician; Yason Banal [Philippines] – a prolific artist, curator and academic; as well as Madison Moore [UK] – artist, scholar, writer and pop culture critic based in London.
  • Traditionally Day for Night has presented one party. This year we are upping the ante to four, with highlights including:
  • Saturday 20 February (day): Kicking off the celebration is the Day For Night All-ages Dance Party.  This daytime all-ages party is free for everyone. Just seconds away from the Carriageworks Farmers Markets it’s a place for the entire family to come and groove along to the beats of Stereogamous. Entry to the All-ages event is free for families attending the markets. Tickets can be purchased at the door to extend stay for the rest of the weekend.  Grab some great street food from the Eat Art Truck at Carriageworks 7 – 11pm Saturday 20 February.  Winner of best new food truck award & top 10 cheap eats by Good Food.
  • Sunday 21 February: T-Dance will keep everyone buzzing from late afternoon into the evening with Carriageworks’ Cornerstone Bar open throughout the event. Jess Olivieri wraps up her final guided meditation from 10pm and kick on with the Last Chance Saloon at Emma Price’s 24 H(OUR) DINER.
  • We have ambitiously created a celebration that goes over two days. Each day provides a unique experience and the one-off ticket price of $50 (+BF) opens the door to experience as much of Day for Night as possible with multiple entries over both days.
  • Yason Banal’s installation extends the footprint of Day for Night to include a large outside space where you will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and an immersive orchestral music experience.




WHEN:  Saturday 20 February 2016: 12pm-12am; Sunday 21 February 2016: 12pm-12am

WHERE: Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St Eveleigh NSW

PRICE: $50 per person – this includes multi-entry across both days



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Holcombe Waller
Requiem Mass: LGBT / Working

Holcombe Waller’s Australian premiere of his stunning new choral work, Requiem Mass: LGBT / Working Title is a ceremonial choral work that deeply explores contemporary faith and advocacy through art, and collective catharsis.  Performed as part of Day for Night: 24 Hours with an all-abilities community choir drawn from all walks of life towards the project’s mission, Requiem Mass is an emotional and personal work invoking remembrance and peace for the dead who have suffered persecution for their sexual orientation or gender expression.


Emma Price
(Featuring Cindy Pastel, Aaron Manhattan, and Lian Loke)

24 H(OUR) DINER will be a constantly-changing installation, welcoming Day for Night patrons into a strange world of queer space and time. The 24 H(OUR) DINER will be activated by three generations of iconic Sydney performers: legendary Sydney drag artist Cindy Pastel (the inspiration for The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert); contemporary performance and dance artist Lian Loke (DeQuincey Company); and Sydney’s own enfant-terrible and gender misfit Aaron Manhattan (Care-e? Okay, weekly at Tokyo Sing Song; pvi collective’s blackmarket, Performance Space 2015). If you’re lucky, you’ll also score a coffee and a donut. Additionally, the 24 H(OUR) DINER will host a series of pop-up performances and interventions that will surprise and engage audiences throughout the Day for Night weekend including the Last Chance Saloon, which wraps up on Sunday evening and signals the close of Day For Night 2016.



As well as scoring the music for each Day for Night artist’s work, Stereogamous will take the helm for not one, but four distinct parties that will feature in between artist’s performances throughout the Day for Night: 24HRS weekend. These include:

  • The Day for Night All-Ages Dance Party:Saturday 20 February, 12:30pm-2:30pm

An alcohol-free, all-ages celebration with Jonny Seymour and Paul Mac on the decks plus special guest performers. Welcoming queer folk and their friends from all ages and walks of life, come in from the Carriageworks Farmers Markets for an afternoon dance in a family-friendly environment.

  • The Super-queer Saturday Night Party: Saturday 20 February, 7:00pm-12:00am

The Super-queer Saturday Night Party is the Day for Night party you know and love! Five hours of incredible progressive super-queer music by Stereogamous for lovers and huggers to keep the dancefloor pumping into the night. Look out for a host of amazing guest performances, installations, vocal sets and surprise happenings.

  • The Post-Mass Rave:Sunday 21 February, 1:00-2:00pm

Following Holcombe Waller’s stunning Requiem Mass performance, Stereogamous will build a micro-party to celebrate the lives and loved ones that make the queer community.

  • Sunday T-Dance:Sunday 21 February, 5:00-10:00pm

After Fair Day (Mardi Gras), come down to Day for Night for an afternoon T-Dance will keep you buzzing (along with a cocktail or two!) into the evening. Stick around for Jess Olivieri’s final performance meditation at 10pm, and the last hurrah at Emma Price’s24 H(OUR) DINER.


Madison Moore [UK]
How To Go Clubbing

Known for his provocative and playful performance lectures, including the now-infamous How To Be Beyoncé, for Day For Night Moore will debut How to Go Clubbing, a brand new performance lecture on the magic and mythology of Saturday night. Why do we go out? What promises does Saturday night make? Moore’s talk digs at the heart of why we party and will reference some of the big thinkers, musicians and partyers of our time, with a surprising twist…


Yason Banal

For Day for Night: 24HRS, Banal presents a new immersive installation that will captivate visitors to the Saturday night Day for Night party. UNTITLED_SUNSET will be a cinematic installation of cars, each playing specially-recorded songs and words from friends, colleagues and strangers.


Cigdem Aydemir
What If I Curl My Veil? And Other Questions

For Day for Night: 24HRS, Aydemir will create a new performance and video series that applies the icons and tropes of Western hair and beauty culture to the figure of the veiled woman. Taking place throughout the Day for Night weekend, What If I Curl My Veil? And Other Questions will see Aydemir atop a specially-constructed plinth inside an installation of screens, performing a specially-conceived beauty routine that is at one absurd, glamorous and provocative.


Benjamin Hancock and James Andrews
Between Us

For Day for Night: 24HRS, Hancock and Andrews will create two distinct but intertwining solo dance works in intimate spaces that invite audiences to get up close and personal. Andrews’ shimmering, crystalline performance will bend light to create multiple bodies and shimmering illusions, exploring and unravelling masculinity and mythology. Hancock’s dark, glittering performance installation explores the continuity of the body with atoms, energy, and the universe – colliding masculinity and femininity, flesh and matter. Together, Andrews’ and Hancocks’ works will open up new possibilities for the body and how it might slip and morph through a broader spectrum of gendered possibilities.


Jess Olivieri & Anni Puolakka
Had Birth Set Ex; Bathe Third Sex; Death Berths XI

This year, Olivieri has been specially commissioned by Performance Space to create meditations on queer embodiment, for the opening and closing hours of Day for Night: 24 HRS. Created in collaboration with Finnish artist Anni Puolakka, two video performances will bookend the frenetic activity of Day for Night, and will encourage participants into a reflective, exploratory state. Delving into the universal themes of sex and death respectively, Olivieri and Puolakka’s work will encourage deep reflection about what it means to experience the world – and ourselves – through a queer lens.


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