Got a grant? We can look after that for you.

We’re committed to providing creative opportunities to artists and one way we can do that is to provide auspicing services that can be tailored to a particular project.

At the most basic, auspicing means we can spend and receive money on your behalf and at your direction. Some of the other “services” we can do for you are listed below. Once we’re clear on just how much of that sort of thing you’d like us to do, then we can figure out a percentage.

Please note, Performance Space generally only offers auspicing services to artists whose work sits within our mission of supporting interdisciplinary art practice.

If you need assistance with your local, state or federal grants, let Terese Casu, our Executive Director, know and we can sort out a good time for a conversation.


  • Reviewing project budgets, including advice regarding GST, cost estimates, etc.
  • Receipt of grant monies, and timely payment of all expenses associated with the project, including management of employee payment schedules.
  • Cash flow advice and support.
  • Reconciliation of production and petty cash floats.
  • Budget management and advice, from detailed to strategic.
  • Financial reporting for acquittal purposes.


  • Provision of templates for a range of contracts, including contracts with other producing/presenting partners, as well as a range of employment contracts.
  • Advice on how to tailor contracts to the specifics of your project.
  • Drafting, negotiating and finalizing contracts with all third parties.


  • Advice through to hands-on management of all areas of employment, from contacting through to Operational Health and Safety, award rates, worker’s compensation, visas, dispute resolution, termination, etc.
  • Access to a broad range of artistic collaborators, technicians, publicists, producers and project managers.


  • Advice on and, where appropriate, provision of insurance including public liability, property and worker’s comp (charged on a cost basis to the project).


  • Access to equipment and expertise at reduced rates.
  • Advice and/or assistance with sourcing equipment, risk assessments, DA applications, etc.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our production support as part of our auspicing does not take the place of a dedicated production manager for your project.

Project Management

  • Advice on project logistics, including travel, ticketing, marketing, fundraising, etc.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our project management support as part of our auspicing does not take the place of a dedicated project manager for your project.

Depending on the suite of services we provide (many of which are provided in-kind), Performance Space’s relationship to the project changes and is reflected in our auspiced contract with the artist/s. For example, where we are providing basic financial administration and the artist is fully-self-producing, the contract is simple and we require very little from one another. If, on the other hand, the artist/s chooses to draw on more support from Performance Space, the relationship resembles more of a co-producing model, and would be reflected in the contract with the appropriate acknowledgement.