Marcus Whale

Merging is a solo performance uniting spoken text, movement and sound that explores the bodily experience of desire, drawing on a quote from queer theorist Eve Sedgwick who defines falling in love as “a matter of suddenly, globally, knowing that another person represents your only access to some vitally transmissible truth or radiantly heightened mode of perception”. Marcus Whale is interested in the way desire can manifest as a need to become the other and can be understood as a ghostly longing for bodily possession. Marcus will use the residency to develop a movement language for an imagined other and combine this choreography with sound through feedback and processed voice. He will work with Justin Shoulder to create this avatar, drawing on Justin’s interest in alter egos as performative conduits.



Marcus Whale lives and works on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. His work across music, performance and text focuses on the blurry, haunted intersection between desire and religion, often with reference to the poetics of memory and ghostliness.

Recent performance works, Praise! in collaboration with Eugene Choi and the Lucifer series in collaboration Athena Thebus have been presented by Performance Space, Sugar Mountain Festival, Underbelly Arts Festival and Art Month Sydney. He has performed in and composed for works by Agatha Gothe-Snape, Ivan Cheng, Martin Del Amo and Jess Olivieri.

As a musical artist under his own name and with groups Collarbones and BV, his recorded output primarily forms an electronic world around his singing. Ensemble Offspring, The Song Company, Synergy Percussion and others have performed his compositions for small ensemble across Australia and internationally, while Claire Edwardes and Zubin Kanga have released recordings of his solo pieces.





Supported by UNSW Creative Practice Lab, School of the Arts and Media