Intimate Objects for The Symbiocene
Ian Sinclair

Performance Space is delighted to announce Ian Sinclair as the recipient of the 2018 Stephen Cummins Residency. Over his two-week residency at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Ian will develop a new performance work Intimate Objects for The Symbiocene. This multimedia solo performance will explore the interconnections between personal histories and the global consequences of climate change, with the artist creating three speculative narratives that blur the bounds of fact, fiction and queer ecology.

The residency will be used to unite text and action, creating performance pieces using media and objects that both illuminate and obfuscate a narrative that moves between the artist’s missing father, becoming a donor Dad and losing a childhood home. Ian will also explore strategies for engaging the audience as participants in the work.

Ian’s work explores the ‘global weirding’ of our planet: a term that proposes, in this time of great ecological upheaval, the collapse of many types of boundaries (between human and non-human, self and other, the nation and the individual, science and myth). By engaging audiences with these unknown possibilities through this developing work, Ian hopes to carve out new and exciting ways of being in the world and with each other.



Ian Sinclair is a writer & experimental artist exploring immersive & participatory theatre, live art, transrealist text & cross-art form collaboration. Developing projects that consider empathy, queerness, the ecological uncanny & emerging narratives in the age of the Anthropocene.

His creative partnership, Pony Express (WA/NSW), with transdisciplinary Loren Kronemyer, works across platforms of media art, performance & anti-disciplinary research to create immersive alternate realities that reflect themes of post-sustainability, global weirding & the slow apocalypse.

His writing blends banal dialogue with free-form flights of fancy & comic-book hyperreality.

Recent projects: Tentaculum (Constance ARI 2017); Club Ecosex & Ecosexual Bathhouse (touring as Pony Express); Rules of Summer (Spare Parts Puppet Theatre); Sixth Wave (Underbelly Arts Festival) & Fecund: Fertile Worlds (Art Back NT).

Current commissions: Immersive works, Raft of the Medusa (Vitalstatistix’s Climate Century Program) & Epoch Wars; Plays Swamp Love, Humphrey Bogart & Saint Joan of Silicon Valley.

In 2017, Sinclair won a Malcolm Robertson Foundation Award for his play Whale Fall (Black Swan Theatre).

Sinclair has a BA (Contemporary Performance) from Edith Cowan University.