Performance Space is excited to announce the participants of our 2018 Stephen Cummins Workshop Intensive as part of our Queer Development Program. The artists will be immersed in one week of performance-making workshops from the 3rd to the 7th of April at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists.

The program will be led by an incredible selection of facilitators including Adena Jacobs, Bhenji Ra, Chris Ryan, Victoria Spence, Emma Price, Craig Judd, Martin del Amo, Matthew Stegh, and Justin Shoulder. The workshop provides an opportunity for artists to sharpen their creative and professional skills, expand connections in the queer creative community and learn about national arts opportunities.

The Stephen Cummins Workshop Intensive will culminate in a night of queer nu experiments, performances and celebration at Queer Nu Werk.


2018 Stephen Cummins Workshop Intensive Participants include:

  • Gareth Belling
  • Cera Maree Brown
  • Georgia Cranko
  • Chelsea Farquhar
  • Sharon Grace Flynn
  • Patrick Howard
  • Emma McManus
  • Loc Nguyen
  • Jimmy Nuttall
  • Raynen O’Keefe
  • Vonne Patiag
  • Lucy Pitt
  • Carmen Robinson
  • Creatrix Tiara
  • Paul Walker
  • Nick Walters
  • Ali Wolf
  • and a participant from our partnership with Moogahlin Performing Arts



Performance Space reactivated a bequest left by filmmaker Stephen Cummins to establish a residency program focused on mentoring and developing queer performance artists. Since beginning in 2012, the program has grown beyond the residency to include a workshop intensive designed to develop performance and professional skills in emerging performers. Now in its seventh year, the Queer Development Program is a critical opportunity for artists to build connections and develop performance making skills in a supportive performance community.



Stephen Cummins (1960-1994) was an Australian filmmaker, photographer and curator.

After studying Sculpture and Photography at Sydney College of the Arts, Stephen’s early work included several solo and group photographic exhibitions, and collaborative work in the theatre with several dance and performance groups, often at The Performance Space.

Moving into film, Stephen went on to win several international awards in the late 80’s for his short films Elevation and Le Corps Image. He curated several programs of Australian Super-8 films and toured them throughout Europe. He was a founding member and co-convenor of the filmmaker’s organisation Queer Screen, and served as a board member of Metro Television and the Sydney Super 8 Film Group.

His work often demonstrated a fascination with the subcultural signification of the male body. In 1991, he won the Best Short Film Award at Sydney Film Festival with the film Resonance, a collaborative work with Simon Hunt that examined anti-gay violence in Sydney from the perspective of dance. The film went on to great success at over one hundred international film festivals, and is still in international distribution some twenty years later.